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MC Toros Reservation - $1,200

Emcee Toros

Toros - Chief MC / Crowd Motivator

If you're looking for a high energy entertainer, then you found your man. I act as the chief MC and crowd motivator. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing people having a good time and knowing that I am responsible for it. I'm a real "party" person and you'll typically see me out on the dance floor or hear me on the mic interacting with the crowd. You will also see me working diligently to ensure all details are properly coordinated. When I'm not performing at your event, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also work full time as a credit union branch manager. I'm looking forward to creating fun memories at your event!

Why pay an additional $1,200 to reserve MC Toros?


Toros is the most experienced and extremely popular MC / Crowd Motivator on the team and is in high demand. Toros is also a very busy man as he has three boys and several jobs. He would like to spend as much time with his family as possible and his time is valuable. The reservation fee ensures your date will be added to his schedule and he will remain free from all other involvements. This fee guarantees Toros will be the MC / Crowd Motivator for your event.


Otherwise, if you choose not to reserve Toros, the MC / Crowd Motivator for your event will be Brittany, Chris Davis, Faryn, Shelley, Dominic, Sammy, Evee or Kat based on your preference and/or their availability. Either way, there is no wrong choice. Each MC / Crowd Motivator will treat you and your guests to a fun, exciting, professional, high energy experience.

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