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Motivational Dancers

For even more fun, more excitement and more enjoyment, consider one of our motivational dancers for your next event. You will experience a more engaged crowd and an energetic boost in the overall dance floor experience, without stealing the spotlight away from the guest of honor. These professional dancers are an extension of the MC/Crowd Motivator and provide constant dancing to help motivate participation and to entertain you and your guests. For those who don't know how to dance or don't feel confident on the dance floor, the dancers are there to teach and help inspire your inner dancer. Feel free to copy the moves of the dancers or learn some new dances from a professional. The motivational dancers also love to interact with those sitting off to the side, who may be shy to come onto the dance floor.

Rest assured all dancing is Disney Channel approved, so everything is family fun and family friendly! Our dancers also help the MC/Crowd Motivator host games, give out prizes/giveaways and can accompany the guest of honor into the room for their grand entrance if they would like.

1 Motivational Dancer

3 Hours - $180

4 Hours - $240

5 Hours - $300

(Hourly Rate - $60/hr)

2 Motivational Dancers

3 Hours - $300

4 Hours - $400

5 Hours - $500

(Hourly Rate - $100/hr)

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Alicia Churilla


Motivational Dancer

Hi I’m Alicia! I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and danced competitively throughout middle school and high school. I am currently on The Spartan Showstoppers dance club team at MSU, where we choreograph all of our own dances and perform at our annual showcase! I love dance and think it has helped me grow as a person. I am known as the energetic one of my group and love getting everyone dancing and involved. I am excited to have a fun time and I can't wait to see you on the dance floor!

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Dylan Mostyn


Motivational Dancer

Hi! I’m Dylan, I have been dancing for over 10 years now and love it more each day! I started my passion for dancing at Neu Wixom Dance Academy where I took classes for hip-hop and acrobatics. After studying dance there I moved over to Dance Dynamic where I took hip-hop and jazz classes.  I have performed in many high school musicals where I have been cast as a featured dancer. I have also gone to summer camp and have helped produce the musicals for camp. Seeing the smiling faces of all the people on the dance floor enjoying themselves brings me joy. One of the best things about dancing is that there is always a new move to be learned. My goal is fulfilled when the dance floor is crowded with beaming faces! Besides dancing I love to listen to music, exercise and hanging out with friends. Let the party begin with Stealth DJ’s!

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Chelsea Hamm


Motivational Dancer

I learned my first dance move on the broken concrete of my elementary playground and ever since I was hooked. I have studied dance for eleven years trying everything from hip hop to clogging. I am now training at the University of Michigan pursing a BFA in Interarts Performance with a focus in dance, theatre, music and film. My favorite thing to do is share my passion for dance with other people. I have taught and choreographed dances for elementary students, high school show choirs, dance companies and my poor cousins at family reunions. Over the past couple years, I have choreographed for an award winning show, a few music videos and even a wedding proposal (she said yes!) I am here to help you find your dancing feet because there is nothing better than feeling great and having fun on the dance floor.

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Amanda Ray


Motivational Dancer

I have been dancing for 21 years, and have been teaching for 8 years! Dance has always been one of the biggest parts of my life and a passion of mine. I have experience dancing for the Radio Disney Frequency Dancers, The Parade Company, and the Detroit Tap Repertory Company for whom I also choreographed. Dancing and choreographing have become second nature to me, and I can’t help but move whenever I hear music! I love to share my passion with others and help them to feel the music too! I am so excited to help make sure we all have an amazing time out on the dance floor!

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Darrian


Motivational Dancer

Hey, I'm Darrian! I've been dancing my whole life, since the age of 6. I'm excited to have recently graduated from Ginny's Dancework. Dancing is a huge passion of mine and I absolutely love bringing joy and happiness to others with dance. I'm known to bring nothing but my energetic and joyous personality when I'm on the dance floor. I have also helped choreograph dances for most of my dance career as well. I'm always willing to help teach some moves to everyone of all ages. Instead of dancing, I do enjoy traveling, writing, and singing. So, don't be afraid to put yourself out there and bust a move with us! I can't wait to boogie down with you at your next party and make it a blast!

Stealth DJ's Motivational Dancer - Casey Rapacki


Motivational Dancer

Hi, my name is Casey! I have been dancing throughout my life since I was about 3 years old, it’s one of my favorite things to do! I was a competitive baton twirler for 11 years and this past year I danced with a competitive club in college (Arizona State University). I have experience choreographing as well as working in groups so I’m ready for whatever comes my way!  I love getting wild on the dance floor and getting others to let loose with me, too.  I was always called The Cheese on my team because of my bubbly personality & showmanship. I can’t wait to break it down at your next event!

Motivational Dancer Customer Reviews

"We were honored to have Dylan do his first gig at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! He was so much fun!! The energy he has is contagious and the dance floor was packed with Kids having a great time 15 mins before the party was even scheduled to begin!! And it stayed packed the WHOLE night thanks to Dylan and Alicia! Anyone who is lucky enough to have Dylan as a dancer will be so happy."

- Haley Margolis


"Alicia was Absolutely Fantastic! So much fun and great energy. She and Dylan worked well together and the kids (and adults) had a GREAT time! Thank you both! "

- Haley Margolis

Motivational Dancer Video

(The dancers are wearing the pink shirts)